ACLI Webinar Series: Investment and Impact Opportunities in Affordable Housing

Live Webinar 60 mins Video 1/18/2022

Many insurers overlook affordable housing as an asset class that can provide market returns and income, while creating a positive impact on our communities. On the equity side, affordable housing can provide stable income and potential for value appreciation and on the debt side, affordable housing mortgages can provide stable income with a relatively low level of risk. 

Through this webinar, we will explore, 

  • The types of affordable housing investments appropriate for life insurers, across equity and debt
  • The track record for affordable housing equity and debt
  • Market outlook and potential risks
  • Comparison of affordable housing equity and fixed income to traditional public equities and investment grade debt

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  • 1/18/2022
  • Live Webinar
  • 60 mins
  • Video

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